Zim Frac Property

British Columbia


frac sand thumbLocated near the town of Golden in south-eastern British Columbia. The property comprises an area of 3,212 hectares that covers over 4 kilometers of the favourable Mt. Wilson Quartzite Formation (MWQF), known to consist of fine-grained higher purity white quartzite.

Whilst the neighbouring Moberly silica mine has historically produced feedstock for manufacturing silica metals and high quality glass products, production has been steadily increasing and shifting to meet the ever growing demand for frac sand in the continental west.

Testing above the 98.5% threshold for metallurgical grade silicon, the Mt. Wilson Quartzite within the Zim Frac property has demonstrated potential to provide shareholders early in exposure to this robust market demand. The property has excellent access and is located just a few kilometers NE of Golden, BC, where rail transport provides competitive access to western and mid continental frac sand markets.




5 km east north east of Golden, British Columbia

Accessible by ranch and logging roads

Heemskirk Canada’s Moberly silica mine is located directly adjacent to our property. The Silica from this open pit operation is suitable for frac sand production of 20/40; 30/50; 40/70 and 100 mesh. Additional high-purity silica products include, glass sands, silica metals, and golf course bunker sand

Structurally repeating Mt. Wilson Quartzite strikes north north west

Mt. Wilson Quartzite has produced silica for metallurgical and other grades for the past 60 years


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