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VANCOUVER — Horizontal drilling and fracturing technology have unlocked vast reservoirs of oil and gas from shale basins across North America. The continent hosts 67 billion barrels of technically recoverable shale oil and 1,238 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable shale gas, an immense resource that has reversed a decades-long decline in U.S. hydrocarbon output and spurred dreams of a B.C. funded by natural gas exports. - See more at: http://www.northernminer.com/news/the-grains-explained/1003163470/?&er=NA#sthash.CP1lnObQ.dpuf

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  • The "fracking sand" industry is going to have the tailwind of the horizontal drilling boom behind it for years to come.
  • Not only are more and more horizontal wells being drilled, but there is also a clear trends towards longer, bigger wells requiring more "frack sand".
  • Established American frack sand companies have great prospects ahead of them but are expensively valued, for undiscovered value investors should investigate emerging Canadian frack sand companies.

If you are looking to own businesses that are going to have a strong wind at their backs for the next 20 years you may want to consider "fracking sand" producers.

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